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Drum Screen, Better Sound

Check out the link on the left. If you would like a close up of the drum screen panels available here, browse this sister site. After many years in the plastics industry and many more creating the range of acrylic items you see here at, it’s easy to see why so many drum shield customers come back and see us years later when they need drum shields. Whether you’re your church’s music minister, have a band, or you want a drum screen for your home, see what’s here and then contact us if you would like more information or need help placing your order.

Acrylic Drum Shield Panels

Drum Shield PanelsPerfect your sound with the wise design and easy set up of Pennzoni shields. A typical drum shield consists of six ¼-inch thick acrylic panels, each two feet by four feet. Sound deflection (what you’ll need to push sound up and back) is achieved with the deflector panels, each one by two feet and either rectangular or trapezoidal. Holding these panels together to create the six-foot-high screen that contains and direct sound are the chrome hinges. We also have available a “living hinge” option, the best hardware to super easy attachment and reliable hold.

What’s a Living Hinge?

Go ahead and enter this term in the search box to see what a Living Hinge looks like. Once you see it, you’ll get it. Used widely in the world of plastics, the living hinge is a thinner and more flexible joint between two more rigid plastic components. You’ve seen them on many items in the world of plastics. They are prevalent in many industries precisely because they are uniquely strong, capable of flexing more than a million times without losing function. Still have questions about how living hinges are great for connecting your shield panels? Let us know!


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