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Baseball Bat Display Case Options

Baseball Bat Display CaseEvery collector knows that sports memorabilia represents a real investment. However, to reap the greatest rewards, it is absolutely critical to protect your collectibles. Pennzoni Display Co. supplies discriminating collectors with cases for all of their valuable sports items.

Baseball bats are one of the most difficult items to protect. We can supply you with a baseball bat display case to protect your investments. Our display cases will prevent people from handling the wood and causing it to degrade. Used bats, in particular, may splinter and flake if they are handled. By placing your bats in protective cases, they can still be displayed and enjoyed but also stay safe.

We offer several different memorabilia display cases to protect your bats. A favorite is the single vertical bat case. It is a striking way to display bats and is constructed without a frame, which allows clear viewing from every angle. We also have acrylic horizontal and miniature bat cases available.

Multiple bat cases are constructed of acrylic and wood. Special attention is given to our wooden components. We select pieces with beautiful grain patterns that will accentuate the wooden equipment they carry. We offer multiple finishes including natural oak, cherry and glossy black.

A popular variation of the baseball bat display case also includes card and ball storage. This allows you to display a multiple items from a single favorite player. Pennzoni Display Co. allows you to feature the most popular collectibles from a single player with these rugged cases.

Our cases are not only for valuable professional memorabilia. A display of their personal bat is a great way to remember your team's MVP or your child's first season of little league. Other cases are also available to hold balls and even batting helmets. Trust Pennzoni Display Co. to highlight and protect your sports memorabilia.


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