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Browse our wide selection of drum screen panels

Drummers know that it takes the ultimate in professional sound control technology to help the sounds mesh with the other instruments and give them their desired effects. Microphones, dampers, rings and other accessories can help to hone this sound, but nothing can take the place of a truly professional quality drum screen. Here at Pennzoni Display Co., we have more than 15 years experience with customizing and perfecting these products to give you the exact results you're looking for. Whether you need a drum shield for your own band or for churches, schools or other purposes, we're standing by to custom build one to your specifications. We can create any possible enclosure that you may need for your drums. Please take some time to browse through our catalog for a better idea of the premium quality and custom capabilities we're prepared to deliver!

A drum shield made with premium quality from Pennzoni Display

Drum ShieldDrum kit screens are not all created equal, and the lower quality versions may seem like a great buy, but are simply incapable of giving you the quality in sound you're looking for. After all, the sound that you create is reflected in your performance. When you're ready to make an investment in a drum shield, make sure you're getting the best that money can buy while securing yourself a great deal by shopping online with Pennzoni Display Co. at! Our selection simply cannot be matched by the competition in terms of quality, price or custom capabilities. We encourage you to fully explore our site today for the ultimate in drum screen technology. If you're in need of a personalized setup or if you have questions about how these products can be used to get you the sound you're looking for, just navigate to our Contact Us page and ask our in-house experts!


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