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Use drum shield for better sound

Drum ScreenMany churches today are improving their services by modernizing and adding a more in-depth musical element. Instead of the traditional pianos and organs with the gospel or as background music, some ministries have added complete bands and mini orchestras. This is a great way to inspire others and to attract the youth. But, if you have ever been to Sunday service and been blown out of your pew by a pounding bass from the drums in the band, then you understand the need for a drum shield.

What is a drum shield, and how does it work?

Drum ShieldAlso called a drum screen, these panels are instrumental in providing an acoustic barrier between the drums and the other instruments and vocalists on the stage. This separation helps prevent the loud bass from taking over and muffling other sounds. Audiences can actually hear the vocalist, or make out the ringing bells. And the performers can hear themselves better, too. Tuning the sound down also provides for better overall sound quality.

It is extremely useful in churches, where the buildings are designed to amplify the sound. But, it is also great for school auditoriums, small theaters and clubs and rehearsal or recording studios. Pennzonidisplay has 15 years in creating these important extensions for drummers, and can make any possible enclosure that you may need . Give us a call today to learn more!

Drum screen panels with quality construction

Before you make your purchase, be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that is producing quality products. Without good construction, your shield will not yield the desired effect that is needed to sound great and perform well overall. has been in the plastics industry for over many years and we specialize in custom fabrication. You can rest assured that when you buy your durable acrylic drum screen from us, it is going to get the job done. We can make any set to your specifications to control any type of sound. Our sets come complete with easy to understand instructions and are a breeze to put together.


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