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Purpose of a Drum Screen

Drummers will eagerly testify to the fact that the surface of their drums must be tapped with a certain amount of force in order for the instrument to produce the best sound. This isn’t just an excuse to play loudly; in order to get just the right timbre from this percussion instrument, a drummer must sometimes play aggressively – and that means high volume. If this out-of-balance volume becomes an issue in an ensemble situation, try leveling out the sound with a drum screen.

In traditional band arrangements, the vocalist is positioned front-stage in relation to the drummer, and uses and open microphone. The spillover sound from the drums can very easily bleed into the singer’s open mic, amplifying the already loud percussion.

With proper placement of a drum shield, this sound can be controlled and channeled where it is needed. Not only does the use of shields ensure that sounds won’t “stray” or become diffused, it also allows the drummer to hear the subtleties of his or her own instrument more clearly for more effective sound regulation.

Drum Shield: Not Just for Drums

Drum ShieldThere’s no need to restrict the use of a drum shield just to drums. Shields can be used any time one sound needs to be isolated more thoroughly from another. A drum screen or shield can be used to separate horn players’ music from the pianist’s mic in a live performance or to partition two distinct group vocals for a unique aural effect in recording situations.

Pennzoni Display Co. carries an assortment of acrylic drum shields for the serious musician. Our screens are ideal for a number of situations:

  • churches
  • garage band rehearsals
  • small-studio recording
  • echo-prone environments

These shields are a must for any musician dealing with tight practice or performance quarters, or with specific sound requirements. Take a moment to browse our selection, and please feel free to contact us if you need more specific information.


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