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Drum Shields and Absorption Equipment

Drum Shields

An acoustic shield is a must-have for bands and ensembles that play in close quarters, acoustically challenging environments, recording studios or other situations that require the isolation of certain sounds from each other and from specific microphones. However, while drum shields do a marvelous job of isolating louder sounds that may overwhelm quieter instruments and voices, this reflective sound barrier equipment can not actually absorb sound.

For effective sound management, a musician must also equip the drum screen or the area surrounding it with equipment or material that can absorb reflected sounds. The simplest solution is to use existing stage curtains for sound dampening by placing percussionists closest to the back and sides of the stage. This can provide limited absorption of sound.

However, using acoustic foam, baffling, panels and carpeting allows a musician – particularly a drummer – to absorb a high percentage of the sound that might otherwise bounce around a performance hall or studio. These tools should be used in conjunction with drum shields for a good balance between brass, percussion, woodwinds, electric and vocal musicians.

Pennzoni Display Drum Screen

When subtle sound control is a must, count on Pennzoni Display Co. to provide the essentials. Here, you’ll find just the right acrylic drum screen for you church ensemble or band.

Our screens are solidly constructed of thick, crystal-clear acrylic to withstand impacts and resist scratches, and feature attractive, high-gloss chrome hinges. Each set is easy to assemble, and foldable for easy storage and transport. (Durable storage bags are also available for purchase, so you can protect your screens during transport and store them in a dust-free environment when not in use.) Buy a drum shield in a size that suits your needs – 2’ x 4’ or 2’ x 5’.

Pennzoni Display also carries additional accessories for your drum shield, including chrome hinges, connectors and living hinges.


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