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Sturdy Football Display Cases

Football Display CasesBaseball may be the nation’s pastime, but football is our obsession! Football dominates the American weekend like no other sport, with Saturday college games and professional Sunday match ups capturing huge ratings. Of course, it is football’s championship game that has become the showcase for new advertising campaigns and products simply because everyone knows that the entire nation will be watching. It should come as no surprise that football has some of the most loyal fans in the country. Pennzoni Display Company is the collector’s source for rugged football display cases to showcase and protect favorite collectibles. Among our offerings you will find cases for:

  • Helmets
  • Balls
  • Cards
  • Uniforms
  • Combinations of memorabilia

We make the cases you can trust to display your collectibles. We make football displays that hold your game balls vertically or horizontally, as if they are ready for kick-off. You will also find displays for multiple helmets. If you have historic jerseys, we have the football jersey display case that will allow you to safely store and display your uniform in a flat, wrinkle-free manner.

Football Jersey Display Case

Football Jersey Display CasePennzoni Display Company makes a variety of jersey cases that fit everything from basketball tank tops to long sleeved hockey jerseys. A football jersey display case needs to be on the larger side, even though it will be short sleeved. Many cases require the sleeves to be folded in, which allows you to appreciate any sleeve details. If you prefer, you can get a larger case that will allow the sleeves to be flat.

Football display cases are not just for professional collectibles. They are a great way to display a game ball or helmet from your playing days or to preserve your child’s football achievements. Pennzoni Display Company also has specially designed memorabilia displays for other sporting equipment, including bats, balls of all types and even hockey sticks.


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