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Sports Memorabilia Display Case

Sports Memorabilia Display Case

Regardless of whether you are a professional sports memorabilia collector or you just have a prized piece of sports memorabilia you will probably want to have a sports memorabilia display case to keep your piece or pieces safe and protected. From small things such as pucks and cards to the larget jersey and baseball bat cases we ahve it all! As a hobby or as a profession it is important that you have the proper supplies to maintain your valuables for as long as possible, and that’s where comes in. We have sports memorabilia display cases of a wide variety of shapes and sizes to keep your possessions prized.

At Pennzoni Display Co we typically use acrylic for a sports memorabilia display case as opposed to glass. We have found that glass sports memorabilia display cases are heavy and are more susceptible to breaks. In the event of a break sometimes the glass from the case, as heavy as it is, can damage the piece it is supposed to be protecting. The other upside to using acrylic over glass to protect your treasured sports memorabilia is that it doesn’t need frames, which allows the piece to be viewed from any angle with minimal amounts of distortion. has sport memorabilia display cases of various shapes and sizes to hold all kinds of pieces. Some of our standard display case sizes include:

  • Baseball, Football or Basketball Cards
  • Jerseys and Uniforms
  • Hockey Equipment including Pucks and Sticks
  • Football Helmets
  • Medals
  • Baseball Equipment including Batting Helmets and Bats
  • And of course, Footballs and Baseballs

Take a look around the Pennzoni Display Co. website and find the display case for any and all of your sports memorabilia.


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