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What is a Drum Shield?

Drum ShieldA drum shield is a commonly used tool that improves the sound quality of your drums by allowing the drum mic to mix more appropriately with the rest of the band as well as creating a more natural drum sound. A drum shield creates this purer sound but cutting off the drums from other microphones on stage and thereby avoiding any bleeding of sound.

The further the drums are from the other microphones on stage the harder it is for those other mics to pickup the low and mid frequencies of the drums. Drum shields block off the drum sound from other on-stage microphones and allows your drum mics to pick up the full range of the contained drum sound. The result of which is better quality high, medium and low sound frequencies and therefore a more natural sound.

What Size Drum Shields Should I Buy? has drum shields of all different sizes. For instance, we have drum screens with four to six panels that range from four to six feet in height. Now you’re probably wondering how you’re going to decide on which drum screen you need. For small drum sets of four or five pieces you can probably go with the four panel drum screen. For medium to large size five piece kits and for smaller six piece kits you can safely use a five panel shield to improve your sound. For really large kits, and any with double bass, or for supreme control over your kit no matter the size, you’ll want to use a six piece drum panel.

Now we also have drum screens of different heights available and you might be interested in finding out what size you need for you kit. Four foot tall panels are only going to block the drums and about half of the sound from your cymbals so you’ll probably want something a little taller. Five foot tall panels are the all around best option. They excellently block all you drum sound as well as your cymbals for complete sound control. However, for maximum control and especially if your band mates are going to be crowding you on a smaller stage you’ll probably want to go with the six foot tall drum shield panels.

To see what drum panel we have available follow the links to the right and take a look at our inventory.


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