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The Benefits of a Sports Memorabilia Display Case:

Sports Memorabilia Display Case It is important to protect and properly store you sports collectibles and there are benefits to doing so. The proper sports memorabilia display case for your items will protect your collectibles from the environment, from baseball bat displays, to jerseys and baseball cards we have the supplies you need. It will also prevent enthusiastic viewers from touching your pieces. A good case will, however, highlight its contents. It allows you to arrange and present the items inside in an interesting way. Instead of the typical horizontal displays, for example, you could choose a vertical case to feature your favorite bat.

At Pennzoni Display Co. we understand that our cases hold your treasured sports items. We produce a number of fine ways to display your memorabilia. In our collection you will find specialty cases made to hold:

It is essential to choose the correct sports memorabilia display case. At Pennzoni Display Co. we prefer to use acrylic instead of glass. Although glass is fairly strong, it is also heavier and if it does break, the sharp pieces could actually damage your collectibles. Imagine purchasing a product to keep your favored sports memorabilia safe and instead the fragile glass case ends up damaging your prized possessions. Another advantage of acrylic cases is the fact that they can be created without frames. This allows you to view the items inside from almost any angle without disruption. Acrylics tend to be much less reflective than glass as well, which further reduces the amount of viewing distortion.

Trust Pennzoni Display Co. with the proper display of your valuable sports collectibles. We understand how important these items are to you and strive to create displays that only accentuate their appearance. In addition to sports memorabilia, we also produce attractive displays for medals, flags, guitars, die cast cars and more. We are your source for all of your display case needs and look forward to helping you create the proper display for your most treasured personal possessions.


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